2021 Music

Dave Bray USA

Dave Bray USA is a United States Veteran. He served in the US Navy as an 8404 FMF Corpsman for the 2nd Battalion/2nd Marines, (Sniper PLT), stationed out of Camp Lejeune, NC.

Dave is now a national touring musician, singer and songwriter, and has dedicated his musical career to supporting U.S. Veterans, Active Duty Military, Fire, Police and First Responders. He considers his music a continuation of his service and uses his powerful voice to Honor our American Heroes.

Dave's new album, "MUSIC ON A MISSION" is available on iTunes and includes his breakout single, "Last Call," a heart touching tribute to Fallen Police and their Families. "Last Call" has brought peace to families, comfort to survivors and strength to those still holding that thin blue line.

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Hometown Boyz

Hometown Boyz play a variety of country, bluegrass, classic rock and more. They are very audience friendly and a lot of fun. Heck, even Elvis makes an appearance at all of their shows. They play the good old 50's and 60's rock n roll and country along with some great fiddle and banjo bluegrass tunes and some 70's and 80's tunes mixed in for fun. With five seasoned musicians, you will be very happy with them. They may even make the audience laugh with a joke or two.

They are very versatile with their sound. They can get the crowd dancing all night with our guitar and fiddle tunes and  can bring out the slow dancing couples with some cheek to cheek ballads.

"All five of us play music and perform because we absolutely love it. We don't consider this work or a job, it is a labor of love and a privilege to play at someone's event."
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Boats Against the Current

It all started back in the fall of 1984 when John Guandolo and Kelly Pidgeon met in high school. Kelly saw John walking in with a new Les Paul and said, "you and I need to talk!" Talk they did.

From there, a lifelong friendship and musical partnership began. Though their paths diverged for a number of years, John heading to the United States Naval Academy, Marine Corps and Kelly heading to college, into radio and voiceover production, the two had a chance meeting at their high school and decided to start making songs. Together with Ron Butler, who played in a blues band with Kelly previously, formed a friendship and a musical and spiritual fellowship.

The title track from their first album, "America" landed on several nationally syndicated radio stations as a 9/11 anthem. Their second work, "The Journey" is a loose concept album that explores one man's journey from the darkness of warfare to the light of salvation. "Love Hold Me" is a departure from the introspective second work and has a down and dirty blues tune, "Ghost Train" and a fun happy reggae tune, "Dance Floor." The title track is the band's favorite, a nod to artists they grew up with.

John, Kelly and Ron sincerely hope you enjoy listening as much as they enjoyed making it! Music is the great healer!

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No Vacancy

No Vacancy is an Americana Rock n’ Roll band started in 2010 by Jim Kindler (vocals/guitar) and Tony Olean (vocals/bass). In 2018, No Vacancy added its first permanent female member, Alyssa Fusaro (vocals/harmony vocals/harmonica) and shortly after added drummer, Tony Ranieli. Throughout the past 10 years, the band has gone through several personnel changes but has never changed its message. Though founding member, vocalist and bass player, Tony Olean no longer is a permanent member of No Vacancy, he still tours with them on a regular basis. Other touring members include J-Bones, Ben Roper, Rob Husty and Ronnie Williams.  No Vacancy has released 2 full length albums (“Face of This Town” and “Hop in the Front Seat of Life”) and 3 EPs (“No Way Out,” Broken Highway” and “Back In The Day”) and is currently working on their 4th EP. All works are available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and many more.

While their focus has always been rooted in the American way of life, No Vacancy became a little more pro-active in expressing it’s American values in 2020 when it became clear that these values were becoming compromised. Active in the fight for freedom, No Vacancy has played their music at many statewide events and rallies; including rallies at the PA State Capitol in Harrisburg. In 2020, No Vacancy released their single “Free People” that is currently being featured in the limited release documentary film “The Great Supression,” that exposes the bureaucratic overreach of Governor Wolf, Pennsylvania during the Covid-19 crisis.

No Vacancy is currently shooting their music video for their newly remixed and remastered 2015 song “American Made.” No Vacancy continues to spread it’s message of God, Country and Rock n’ Roll through their music and their Lifestyle.

In Addition, No Vacancy has released limited edition “Live Free and Rock On” T-shirts to promote their message of American Freedom. 

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