Madison Rising

Madison Rising is an American patriotic post-grunge and hard rock band. Formed in 2011 by Richard Mgrdechian, it is led by Air Force veteran MSGT Rio Hiett. The band is named for the street in Hoboken, New Jersey where their recording studio was located, but the band later considered it to also be in reference to former president James Madison.

Brokedown and Rebuilt

We are a Southern Rock/Country band. We perform originals and some covers from various influential artists within the same or similar genre.

Boats Against the Current

It all started back in the fall of 1984 when John Guandolo and Kelly Pidgeon met in high school. Kelly saw John walking in with a new Les Paul and said, "you and I need to talk!" Talk they did.

From there, a lifelong friendship and musical partnership began. Though their paths diverged for a number of years, John heading to the United States Naval Academy, Marine Corps and Kelly heading to college, into radio and voiceover production, the two had a chance meeting at their high school and decided to start making songs. Together with Ron Butler, who played in a blues band with Kelly previously, formed a friendship and a musical and spiritual fellowship.

The title track from their first album, "America" landed on several nationally syndicated radio stations as a 9/11 anthem. Their second work, "The Journey" is a loose concept album that explores one man's journey from the darkness of warfare to the light of salvation. "Love Hold Me" is a departure from the introspective second work and has a down and dirty blues tune, "Ghost Train" and a fun happy reggae tune, "Dance Floor." The title track is the band's favorite, a nod to artists they grew up with.

John, Kelly and Ron sincerely hope you enjoy listening as much as they enjoyed making it! Music is the great healer!

Rev. Dr. Vanessa McCoy Owens

Ordained as a minister by the Word of Life Christian Center, International, and bestowed the Doctorate of Theology by the Heath Missions Bible College, Vanessa McCoy Owens has been following the Light of God in responding to human need as well as blazing the trail for others to follow for more than 40 years. She uses the talents of a powerful singing voice with the ability to speak goodness into the lives of others. As well, she uses the skills of an entrepreneur who has collaborated with other professionals who have the vision of helping to build a world that works for everyone.

Rev. Owens served as pastor of the Reigning Life Community Church of Lebanon. This worship center was an outreach and evangelical ministry that partnered with other supporters to respond to the needs of many of the clients from the MLKFLC and surrounding neighborhood residents. These entities provided the foundation and encouragement to “let God do a new thing.”