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Jerel and Karise Crew

Jerel and Karise Crew

CEOs & Founders of That Gun Talk LLC and That Gun Talk Gun Club

Jerel and Karise Crew, the CEOs and Founders of That Gun Talk LLC and That Gun Talk Gun Club, have made remarkable strides in promoting responsible firearm ownership and education. Their Gun Club boasts over 100 members, all of whom are dedicated to being responsible gun owners. Since 2021, they have successfully developed  14 USCCA and some NRA Instructors through a grant program, furthering their mission of firearm education and safety.

Their core belief is that firearm ownership, whether current or prospective, should always adhere to legal standards, involve proper training, and be accompanied by a profound sense of responsibility. They are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment as a fundamental American right.

Jerel and Karise's mission is underscored by the idea that firearm education plays an indispensable role in strengthening communities and reducing gun-related violence. They are fervently committed to reshaping the narrative surrounding firearms within the African American community, replacing fear with knowledge and empowerment. Their goal is to help individuals understand that firearms can serve as a means of protection, with education being the catalyst for this transformative change in perspective.

To further their mission, Jerel and Karise have generously conducted over 250 free training sessions within the Philadelphia area. These sessions are pivotal in equipping individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence required for responsible firearm ownership. By providing these invaluable resources and educational opportunities, they actively contribute to the safety and well-being of their community while tirelessly working to reduce gun violence.

Jerel Crew's role as the Chapter President of TGT-NAAGA Philadelphia is augmented by his impressive list of certifications, including being a USCCA Certified Firearm Training Counselor, a USCCA, NRA, and NAAGA Certified Firearms Instructor, a USCCA Range Safety Officer (RSO), CPR/AED-First Aid certified, and a Stop the Bleed trainer. Additionally, Jerel leverages his active YouTube presence to disseminate valuable insights on firearms.

Karise Allen-Crew, serving as the NAAGA PA State Representative, is equally accomplished with certifications as a USCCA and NRA Firearms instructor. She also holds certification in Stop the Bleed. Karise has completed the Club Leadership and Development Course through the NRA and has a distinguished background as multimedia and marketing director as well as an educator within the Philadelphia school system.

Together, Jerel and Karise stand as unwavering advocates for responsible gun ownership and safety. They are dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance the safety and well-being of their community. Their commitment shines as a beacon, fostering a safer and more enlightened environment for all.